EC proposed changes to TV advertising could impact direct response advertisers

Campaign today highlights how the proposed European Commission changes to TV advertising could have a rather negative effect on direct response advertisers.

UK ad regulations are currently set by Ofcom and are more restrictive than our European counterparts. In the UK, channels can broadcast up to 12 minutes of ads in any given hour but for public-service broadcasters ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, ad time across the day must average no more than seven minutes an hour. For other channels, this figure is nine minutes.

Under the new proposal, which would bring the UK in line with other countries across Europe, this will change to a maximum of 20% of broadcast time throughout the day – but with the freedom to show more ads in more valuable time slots. We may therefore see a rise in advertising during prime time slots and potentially a reduction in ad time during daytime TV.

This could cause problems for direct response advertisers who traditionally rely on daytime TV and other non-peak airtime opportunities to deliver the best return on their TV investment.

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