Those clever chaps at Thinkbox are at it again

Thinkbox have put together a comprehensive presentation of information highlighting the power of TV advertising. You can take a look at in full at the end of this post but in the meantime, here’s a few key killer facts to consider:

During the average day, 71.4% of the UK’s adult population is reached by commercial TV. This figures expands to 93% over the course of a week. Last year, the average viewer watched 2 hours and 25 minutes of commercial TV in a day. And now, with TV accessible from a multitude of devices we are now watching more commercial TV than ever. TV accounts for nearly half of everyone’s chosen media day which is great news for direct response.This means that the average person sees 45 TV ads each day.

One reason TV is so impactful is because of the multiplier effect it has on other media, particularly online. TV and online are a marketing marriage made in heaven. And with PPC costs rising, there’s no better time to invest in television: the average cost of buying the media space to get one person to view a TV advert only costs half a penny – whereas one click could cost you in excess of £30.

TV advertising is now more affordable than ever – cheaper than it was 10 years ago. There is now a plethora of channels to choose from and huge advances in targeting in the last 12 months mean that reaching very specific audiences is now extremely cost-effective with wastage at a minimum.