Online retailers turning to TV advertising for truly measurable results

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I’ve just come across an interesting article posted on Advertising Week Social Club by Jane Crisan, President/COO at R2C Group and it makes a good read. She makes the point that dotcom startups are turning to TV to drive their businesses, emphasising that data analysis and measurement is at the centre of everything these businesses do and they need to work with people who work in the same way. At brtv, we couldn’t agree more.

I’ve pulled out some key points from Jane’s post and there is a link further down to the full article.

“What we are seeing more frequently today is a new variety of entrepreneur, those who have started and are scaling the latest generation of 2.0 companies. What they have in common with direct response marketers of old and big brands, is that many of those businesses are turning to TV to scale their business. The industry news of late reaffirms the fact that TV is not dead, and this is further exemplified by the stampede of eTailers and subscription online businesses flocking to it as they learn the ‘digital is not scalable’ lesson. But there is something different about this new breed of companies that has emerged from the startup world that contrasts with the traditional brand advertisers……All of these businesses have one fundamental quality in common that sets them apart; they are technologists at their core.