TV advertising generates more profit than any other media – it’s official!

Thinkbox has just unveiled its new guide that explains how and why TV advertising can have such a powerful impact on a business. It makes for an interesting read. If you are new to TV, perhaps only just looking into the possibilities, this is a great guide to read and to see for yourself the evidence that clearly supports the impressive results that a successful TV campaign can bring.

TV advertising works better than anything else. It generates the highest absolute volumes of sales and profit whilst also delivering the best return on investment. TV pays back, whatever budget you invest in it.

We’ve included a couple of charts from the guide, here:

screenlife 3 slide2

screenlife 3 slide2

“TV’s unrivalled effect on sales and profit and its profound influence on other media make TV advertising both the most effective form of advertising and a powerful ally to other media and marketing mechanics, both on and offline. ”

Andrew Challier
Effectiveness Practice Leader, Ebiquity, Independent Marketing Performance Specialists.

You can read the full report here: