TV advertising just got a whole lot smarter – perfect for new advertisers!

cherry pick

A revolutionary approach to TV advertising launched this year has opened up TV advertising to a whole new audience – and enticed a number of advertisers back to TV.

Developed by Sky, it allows you to cherry-pick your audiences- whether that’s within a region, a city or in a specific life-stage or demographic – so you can really drill down to a specific target audience, making advertising on TV more affordable than ever.

It works by serving different ads to different Sky households watching the same programme, based on factors like age, location and number of occupants and gives you the flexibility to:

  • Select the specific audience, from a set menu, that you want to reach
  • Restrict your advertising to a specific region or city
  • Show your ad only when your defined audience is watching
  • Define the specific households you want to reach and only play your ad when that household is watching. For example, an adventure park in the north of England could advertise to families living in the region only  when they are watching or an equity release company could advertise only to elderly homeowners.

The ad is served independently of programming or time of day and is only driven by your desired audience watching – anyone not within your selected audience will not see your ad. It makes TV advertising far more affordable and there is no wastage – a highly attractive proposition to first time advertisers and companies with a strong ‘local’ focus.

There are a wide choice of audience selections available from Mosaic LIfestyle groups, to life stages (age and family status), geographic, conurbations or TV regions, home ownership, affluence or household composition. So whilst you would not need to use all categories as there is some overlap, you cherry-pick the ones that best define your audience. As you would expect, the more selections you choose, the smaller the audience and the higher the CPT. You can also cap the number of times you want your ad to be viewed by the same household. If you select three times, for example, once the box has played the ad three times, it will be removed from the box so you can manage your coverage as well as your frequency.

Furthermore, a campaign is measured on impressions using data from the set top boxes which means you only pay for an impression if the target viewed at least 75% of the commercial at normal speed, so you won’t pay if they fastforward!

It is currently available on the Sky owned channels and a selected number of their partner channels and these channels are expanding each quarter.

Working with brtv can help first time advertisers and those returning to TV to get the most value from this great new development.  We’re independent, so we’ve no tie in’s, share deals or contracts with any sales houses – the schedule we recommend is based purely on reaching the right audience for you. And because brtv has its own in-house creative and production team, we can provide you with a mouth-wateringly good commercial that utilises your budget in the most cost-effective way.

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