Make hay while the sun shines!

Christmas shopping in August!

It around this time of year that clients should be signing off ideas and getting ready to shoot their new commercials. Why? Well here are few good reasons we can think of:

1. Lead times naturally lengthen as the summer holiday season kicks in and everyone switches into holiday mode. Decisions become harder to get from project stakeholders, with first choice crews and facilities more difficult to get hold of. Book now to avoid disappointment later!

2. There is better production value to be had by taking advantage of the longer days. Two hours of overtime while there is still light is far less costly than a whole new day of shooting. Less lighting equipment required on set also keeps production costs down.

3. There are leaves on the trees, green (not brown) is the predominant colour in the landscape and there is a greater chance the weather will remain dry for most of the shoot day.

4. It is possible to create up to four different seasons in a day, using early morning light for spring, mid-day sun for summer, twilight for autumn and snow machines for winter!

5. School holidays mean that child actors don’t have to miss school, making licensing easier as well as providing a greater choice when casting.

6. The Christmas shopping season starts earlier each year, and if you are planning to launch your campaign in November, you need to shoot it in August or September to comfortably make the deadlines. And if you want to shoot in August scripting and pre production should begin in July!

7. Take advantage of our discounted early booking media placement costs and secure specific time slots to increase effectiveness of your campaign.