BR TV - How CSS Sculptor Document

At brtv we’re
experts in delivering
response driven brand
commercials that offer the best possible ROI. From script to
finished production we have
the skill and expertise to be
able to maximize a
commercial’s benefit
to your business.

the art of brand
combined with
the science of
direct response

At brtv our background in brand and direct response advertising means we’re able to create TV commercials that not only generate high levels of awareness through creative stand-out, but deliver cost effective and profitable interaction with an audience across all viewing platforms.

At brtv our production capability is focused on achieving maximum production values at minimum cost. To achieve this we invest in experience and our teams of directors, lighting crews and editors are from all areas of the film industry, using only the resources we need for any specific production.

Making commercials is just part of what we offer

At brtv we can also plan and buy your media too. Unlike conventional media houses, brtv
deliberately has no contracts with TV sales houses to adhere to, leaving our in house media
team free to recommend specific channels for one reason only - we believe that they will
deliver. This is backed up by real time tracking and analysis for a truly targeted and result
driven campaign.

Not just credible but accountable too

When you work with the team at brtv you work directly with the people that create,
make and place your commercial. No outsourcing, or white-label suppliers. We are totally
independent, TV advertising specialists with one aim in mind - to make creative
commercials that work harder for our clients.

Please pass on my thanks to every member of the team at br-tv.
This commercial succeeds in separating us from the crowd of
boring, samey, DRTV fashion commercials

Nigel Swabey, Chairman of Artigiano.